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"One by one, I've moved all my properties over to Louise as she has a no-nonsense but fair approach with my tenants and is quick to respond to any questions I may have. Top notch."
- Zoe MacFarlane

 "I’m so impressed. At the end of a 1-year tenancy, Louise achieved a rental increase of 25% for me for the following year.
This was done and managed without a day's vacancy in between. An amazing outcome."
Ponsonby Landlord

"I have recently purchased two investment properties with other real estate companies. I placed them under Louise's care and she achieved weekly rents that far exceeded the appraisal ranges I was given by the other companies. This makes a big difference to me and my family - I could not be happier."
Ponsonby Landlord


"Dear Louise, thank you for your excellent service. We appreciate the attention to detail and the stress-free management."
Ponsonby Landlord



Custom Residential
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Enjoying maximised returns while placing your property in the safest pair of hands possible, becomes a reality when entrusting your property to Custom Residential Property Management.

Custom operates very differently from the industry norm of large scale property management, in which companies simply rely on the economies of scale that come with having a huge volume of managements under their care.

Instead, we choose to focus on a select, low-volume portfolio so that we can give it the labour-intensive care it needs. We have a hyper local focus on the Western City Fringe (colloquially known as the Wider Ponsonby Area) and therefore don't spread ourselves thin across Auckland.

This translates directly into two major benefits for our clients: peace of mind and a higher return on investment.

In line with the overall guiding principle of our company, Custom Property Management simply aims to do a far better job for a smaller number of clients.


Highly methodical, with a huge emphasis on proactive communication, the Custom Residential Property Management team are highly experienced and employ a no-nonsense approach to business. 
This philosophy serves us, and our clients, incredibly well. Our business is fully systemised and well resourced, rental payments are actively monitored and collected, tenants know exactly where they stand and any issues are dealt with in a very professional and efficient manner. Our reporting to both landlords and tenants is something we pride ourselves on, as is our zero-tolerance policy on rent arrears.


This is an easy one to answer. It is simply a case of us caring more about your investment property and the financial outcome your achieve from it.
An often overlooked factor in the property management industry is marketing. We believe that Custom's marketing and presentation of Properties Available for Rent is second-to-none, and in fact sets the standard in the local marketplace. We utilise our expertise gained from marketing homes for sale, and apply it to Property Management with great success.
Custom Residential provides, at no cost to you:
1.       Professional photography of the property
2.       Professional floorplan of the property
Plus a professional photo sign installed at the property, if you so desire.
This package, in addition to all of our existing marketing channels, is proven to be highly effective. Our customer feedback tells us that a win/win situation has developed with landlords achieving higher weekly rents than they expected, and quality tenants being attracted to high quality photography and supporting information about the home.

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Custom Residential has employed the services and expertise of leading Property Manager Louise Trembath, who has behind her a team of property management marketing and support staff, as well as close lines of direct communication to the directors of the company. This is a genuine team effort, creating a very safe and efficient environment to effectively manage your assets.
Please feel free to talk to us about how we can assist you. Contact us here, or call us on the numbers below.

Louise Trembath, Property Manager - +64 21 473 073  |  EMAIL Louise
John Wills, Director - +64 21 333 053  |   EMAIL John
Keith Dowdle, Director - +64 21 877 905  |  EMAIL Keith