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Custom Residential has been founded on the simple philosophy of doing a far better job for a smaller number of clients. This is a deliberate move away from the industry norm of high-volume, large scale, franchised real estate.

In the nine years since we've opened our doors, we have rapidly carved out our distinct niche as a powerful alternative choice. Being an independent brand, we're not held hostage to head office decisions, but instead are nimble and agile, able to retain the flexibility to create truly individualised campaigns for our clients. We go about the real estate business with an unmatched energy and expertise whilst recognising that your needs and circumstances vary.

We have now completed well over $800,000,000 of transactions and for each of them we have understood that our client only gets to sell their property once, driving all parts of the process to a maximised result. We take our role extremely seriously and are continually aware of our accountability to our vendors. Our results and attitude have not gone unnoticed in the wider community - something of which we are incredibly proud.

Continuous feedback from our valued clients tells us we have definitely filled a service gap in the market place.


We opened the doors in November 2008, during what is being referred to as the worst economic recession since the great depression of the 1930s. We knew that there was risk involved but we felt that the real estate profession needed a shake up and we knew that we could do things a lot better. We have had to work harder and smarter than the others to make things work, and it is this attitude that runs throughout the whole company.

But don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say and check out our recent sales.

At Custom Residential we are keeping things 'Low Volume and High Care' and we are proud to continue building our business by one happy customer at a time.

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