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How your application is selected:

There are three main considerations for how an application is processed.

1. Seeing the property in person. If you are not able to make it, have someone who’s judgement you trust to see it on your behalf. It often leads to disappointment if you have signed a one year lease without viewing the property, and it was not what you expected. We want you to love your home!

2. Filling in an application form. This can either be in person at the viewings, or email Louise Trembath.  The more information you can provide on your application, the stronger it will be. We shortlist the application into four categories:
(i) employment, current landlord, personal references;  
(ii) compulsory credit check; 
(iii) preferred move in date - the closer to available date is preferred, and lastly;
(iv) the property owner's approval.

3. Providing your move in costs (once the property has been offered to you). For example, $600 per week rent, your move-in costs will look like this:

2x weeks rent in advance $1,200
4x weeks rent as bond $2,400

Total to be paid before commencement of tenancy $3,600.00

Moving in:

Before you move in ensure that your automatic payment is set up to pay your rent on the correct day that it is due.

Ensure that you have power, and any other amenities connected before you move in. If you need help with this Fast Connect can assist you with this connection. Water will already be connected to your property, and will be charged to you monthly by Custom Residential Ltd.

Check your property report. Your property manager will provide you with a property move in inspection. This is a snap shot of the condition of the property, and is used as a comparison for when you leave the property. Please take time to go through this, and if there is anything that you wish to add or remove, please return it with amendments within 14 days of your move in date. Your property manager will take a copy and return the original to you.

Moving on:

If you are wanting to leave the property, please check with your property manager if you are not sure if you’re on a fixed, or periodic term. Please be aware that no notice will be accepted on a fixed term tenancy. On a periodic tenancy, you are required to give a minimum of 21 days’ notice in writing to vacate the property. This can be via email, letter or notice to vacate form and return to the Custom Residential office. Your property manager will reply with information on your obligations before you leave the property including how much rent will be due until your final day and a reminder that the keys will need to be returned before 12pm on the last day of your lease.

Cancel your automatic payment for rent, the bank will not allow us to do this on your behalf. This way you can start your new tenancy off without a hitch.

Give your final power reading to your power company (or Fast Connect if you are using this service), please do not disconnect the power completely.

If you have any unanswered questions, please take a look at our FAQ’s, otherwise, please don’t hesitate to contact your Property Manager Louise Trembath