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"Nimble, strategic and proven. Many have said that we are the best in the business at showcasing your property."




Custom Residential has been developed from some big-picture thinking that has created some clear points of difference between ourselves and our competitors. These points of difference hold huge benefit for clients who choose to list their property with us. After-all, you only get to sell it once.

At Custom Residential it really is about the client and about their property. Full Stop.

So how do we do this? 

A far better job for a smaller number of clients

We are not a volume-based franchise. We aim to do a far better job for a smaller number of clients.We have developed a strategic process around launching your property to the market. We have a system that creates hype, urgency and exclusivity around every property we represent.

We are a nimble and agile company that can genuinely individualise campaigns for our clients. We don’t rely on templates and remain totally flexible about what can be wrapped around each property to maximise its exposure, competition and eventual outcome.

Over $800,000,000 worth of property transactions

With over 900 sales and over $800,000,000 worth of successful property transactions under our belt, we know what we are doing and we are comfortable being totally accountable to our clients.

Highest standards of execution

We think we have the best sales support team in the business. Rest assured that behind every sales person we have a support team that ensure that every component of your campaign will be executed to the highest of standards.

Energy, enthusiasm and positivity

We have been told that there is a whole different level of energy, enthusiasm and positivity around our agents when they are representing clients’ properties at open homes. This runs through the whole company.Our basic philosophy is that if you commit to us we will commit 110% to you and promise to put all of Custom Residential’s resources behind your listing.

Custom Residential is known for being straight up and delivering exactly what we say we will do.