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"You only get to sell your home once - there are no second chances to make a first impression"



 At Custom Residential, we firmly believe that every little thing counts when it comes to helping our vendors achieve the best possible money for their homes. We know that you only get to sell your home once and there is no such thing as a second chance at making a first impression.

Who will your buyer be?

Our buyers tend to be successful professionals and business people who are purchasing their second or third home or are accustomed to renting high quality homes in top locations due to work transfers. They are astute and they have a clear mental picture of what they like and don't like. They also tend to do a lot of comparative shopping and have an eye for detail.

Our agents have used their experience to build a type of profile that captures the common characteristics and thought processes of a lot of our local buyers. Make sure you talk with your salesperson about this.

Increase the saleability

There is too much detail to cover here, but suffice to say that after location, there are two very prominent factors that determine a purchasers willingness to proceed with the property or not: Presentation and Definition of Space.

Highlight your home’s best features

The internal and external presentation of the home is paramount, as well as the representation of your home on the internet and printed advertising.

Don’t be a victim of drive by dismissal

Believe it or not, a lot of potential purchasers make a decision to proceed or not right on the curb-side at the front of the house. Typically, purchasers will drive by to make a quick assessment deciding if the house even warrants further inspection.

Time pressure and competition are very real factors so it's pivotal to make your first impression a great one. We want to ensure as many serious buyers as possible make the time to see the inside of your property.

Create designated spaces

The other thing to focus on is internal and external definition of space. All buyers prefer the path of least resistance and like to see a home and its individual spaces for what they actually are and how they will benefit their lifestyle and status. (Even developers and DIY'ers see the budget go up or council issues when they cannot clearly visualise the finished product).

These issues of Presentation and Definition of Space are very important in our area of expertise and we can certainly assist people on a case-by-case basis if required.