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// March 2017 //

We can probably all agree that the market environment has changed over the last 6 months.  We are no longer in the absolute 'bull market' that we have typically seen between 2009 - 2016.

As such, buyers and sellers are now requiring a lot more time to make their decisions on auction day.

At Custom Residential we really believe in our 'on site, one property, one showpiece' auction model where we provide huge amounts of time and breathing space around each individual property that goes to auction with us.

As we have said many times before, we are not big believers in the in rooms, mid week auction model where many properties are auctioned one after the other.

What we are seeing at present is that good things really do take time, and each property needs to have its own identity and process on auction day.

Easy parking, less stress, more time, more engagement equals a better chance of a premium result.



Continuing the Custom Residential belief and commitment to a seamless and structured campaign from launch to sale, Keith offers his skills and expertise as your Auctioneer.

Keith brings you:

  • A close working relationship with your Custom sales person, pre, during and post auction.
  • An auctioneering style that is non-combative, but based on positive encouragement and fostering strong competition through emotional buyer engagement.
  • A firm belief in on-site auctions, always putting your property in its own spotlight rather than a 'factory-floor' volume driven model.
  • A willingness to take as long as it takes to ensure all bidders have their chance to purchase 'under the hammer'.

For further information about using Keith Dowdle to auction your property, speak to your Custom sales person.