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What does paying rent in advance mean?

This means that you are required to pay your rent for the week coming, not the week that has just gone. You are required to do this as per your tenancy agreement. It is much easier to pay in advance than it is to catch up if you fall behind! For example, if you move in on Friday the 11th, you would have paid your first weeks rent in your moving in costs, this means your next payment is due Friday the 18th

How do water charges work?

A water reading will be taken when you move in, and will be charged to you by Custom Residential Ltd for your usage and wastewater. You will need to pay Custom Residential Ltd within 10 days of the invoice. You will receive the invoice via email (or post if you do not have email), with the reading amount, date range and cost. Often your first water will be low, as it will be a proportion of the invoice as per the reading when you moved in. When you leave the property, a final water reading will be taken, and invoiced to you. You can pay this on your departure to Custom Residential Ltd, or this can be deducted from your bond payment. PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANY INVOICES DIRECT TO WATERCARE.

How do you allocate rent and water payments?

Whenever you make a payment to Custom Residential Ltd, you will need to include your surname, property address and rent in the reference sections. Without these, we cannot allocate your payments. You will need to arrange between yourselves as to who will make the weekly rental payments, and ensure that there is only one payment made per property. If you are paying water or another invoice, please exchange the rent reference for ‘water’ or whatever your invoice is for.

Who is responsible to mow my lawns and keep my garden tidy?

As the tenant it is your responsibility to maintain the lawns, and to keep the garden tidy. This includes not parking any cars on the grassed areas. If your lawns and gardens are included in your rental property, this will be clearly stated to you in your tenancy agreement, and not verbally.

What do I do if something in the property goes wrong, or needs repair?

If there is an emergency repair needed in your property, you need to call your property manager as soon as you notice this emergency. If it is general maintenance repairs, please complete the maintenance request form.

What is an emergency repair?

No water – check if there are any works being completed in your street, if not, call Watercare who will be able to let you know if there is a fault, you can also report the fault to them (09 442 2222). If there are no works being completed, and Watercare has not reported a fault or already remedying the situation, please advise your property manager.

No power – Check to see if your neighbours in your street have power, if they do, have a look at your fuse board and check that all of the fuses are facing the same direction. If all of the fuses are facing the same direction, call your power supply company to see if there is a fault in your area. If there is no fault in the area and you are the only one with no power in the street, please advise your property manager.

Have locked yourself out of the property – You will need to arrange for a locksmith to come and gain access, this cost will be your responsibility not your property managers. Although Custom Residential requires an office key, the property manager does not carry these keys on them if you lock yourself out.

Do I need insurance?

Although you are not required to have contents insurance it is always a very good idea, just in case.

What is a periodic tenancy?

A periodic tenancy is what you would refer to as an open ended tenancy. There are no fixed end periods, and if you want to give notice you are required to give 21 days’ notice in writing, or by filling out the notice to vacate form. If you are unsure if your tenancy is periodic please ask your property manager.

What is a fixed term tenancy?

A fixed term tenancy is a specified minimum timeframe that you have agreed to stay in the property. This was agreed to upon signing your tenancy agreement. Before your fixed term is due to expire, your property manager will send you a letter reminding you that your fixed term is coming to an end, they will give you some options according to your tenancy for you to choose from. You cannot give notice on a fixed term tenancy. If you are not sure if your tenancy is fixed, please ask your property manager.

What happens at an inspection?

Routine inspections occur every three months (this can vary depending on your property), your property manager will send you a letter and email (if applicable) to advise what day your inspection will be. You do not need to be present for the inspection, as the property manager is able to use the office key. If you wish to be present and the day and time does not suit you, please advise your property manager as soon as you receive the notice, not the day of the inspection. Now is a great time if there was anything that you would like to bring to the attention of the property manager, and also a good reminder to check your smoke alarms! Please ensure that the property is clean and tidy during this inspection, as the owner receives a report as well as photos. After the inspection, you will receive a follow up letter, outlining if there is anything that will require your attention, or any comments to your questions or concerns.

When is my rubbish collected?

If you are not sure what day your rubbish and recycling is collected, please contact the Auckland Council (09 301 01 01). Also, if you are missing one of your rubbish bins, you will also be able to order a new one from the council direct.

I would like to see my property manager in between inspections?

Our property managers are quite often out of the office, please email or call them to make an appointment to come in and see them, they would hate to miss you!

What happens if I change my contact details?

Just send a friendly email to your property manager to advice of your new phone numbers, work number, or email address and we will update your file.