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Here are answers to some of the most common questions about professional property management. Please do not hesitate to give Louise Trembath a call if you have any other queries on 021 473 073.

How long does it take to rent out my property?

The demand in Auckland City is traditionally strongest after Auckland anniversary weekend, till the beginning of March. This is due to people relocating for school zones, new job opportunities in the city, and wanting to have a change of scene in the New Year. Over this time properties go very quickly. Throughout the year tenants are required to give three weeks’ notice, we recommend that we begin marketing the property as soon as possible (and discuss access with the departing tenants). We aim to have someone move in at (or shortly after) the end of the notice period.

How do you decide what the likely rent is?

We will advise you of the fair market rent at the time of marketing your property. As rental prices are set by the supply and demand of the tenants, there can be some variation. We compare similar properties currently available for rent, as well as what we have comparable in our portfolio already. We are in touch with you every step of the way throughout the marketing and provide feedback about the property, as well as the price.

How do you select tenants and know that they are the right ones?

After showing potential tenants through the property, if they are interested in renting the property, we ask them to fill out a comprehensive application form. This outlines to the folowing: where they are working; how long they have been there; where they are living and for how long and; why they are leaving. References are checked verbally by the property manager, these include current landlords, employment and a personal reference. We also conduct a credit check, which brings through any previous mediated orders from the Department of Building and Housing and Ministry of Justice. We meet many potential tenants every year, and we quickly get a feeling if they will suit the property. If we are happy with the application, we call you to discuss and give final approval.

How and when do we get paid?

Rental payments are reconciled every day by us. We monitor tenants payments closely, to ensure that they are meeting their obligations. We have two options for owner payments (these are paid minus our commission); monthly, or twice monthly. Monthly payments are paid on the 1st of the month, or next working day. Twice monthly is paid 1st of the month and the 15th of the month, or the next working day.

Can I get a discount management fee if I have more than one property?

Yes! Contact Louise Trembath on louise.trembath@customresidential.co.nz to tailor a solution to suit your portfolio.

How often do you conduct property inspections and what do you check?

We inspect your property every three months. Inspections are just as important as finding a good tenant for three reasons:

1. So the tenants are aware that there are going to be regular inspections;

2. To ensure that the tenants are maintaining the property and grounds to the standard required. Having a good tenant who pays on time, is often confused with a tenant who is looking after the property;

3. So we are able to establish any maintenance required or maintenance to be budgeted for in the future.

A report will be sent to you regarding the inspection and any actions or suggestions from your property manager. If you would like to attend one (or all) of the inspections, please contact your property manager to arrange a time that will suit you, and they would be happy to meet you there and show you through.

If I want to sell my property can Custom do both?

Absolutely! By using Custom for your sale as well as rentals can make the sale process easier for you. With the tenants only having to communicate with one company, it means nothing is lost in translation, and we can make sure that the tenants are as helpful as possible with not only access, but the presentation of the property, which can make the difference during selling a property. We ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible, and that all responsibilities for both tenant and landlord under the Residential Tenancies Act are adhered to. All of our sales staff can tailor a marketing strategy that will achieve a top result.

Who handles problems at night, weekends even over the holidays?

We have a property manager available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, ensuring you that any emergencies are dealt with promptly and professionally, leaving you free to enjoy your spare time.