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Here’s a rare opportunity to be part of something fresh, different and successful. Custom Residential is not a corporate. We’re extremely nimble and able to put great new ideas in to play very quickly. Our salespeople and vendors thrive on our ability to do this.

Custom Residential has now closed over $400,000,000 worth of property transactions and as a salesperson here, you will be able to benefit from some key points of difference that only Custom can offer clients and on top of that, you’ll have a great story to tell people. We’re definitely sailing with a huge tailwind at the moment.

The boss is 39 years old and ambitious. He still knows the buzz you get when you secure that hard fought listing or have a property sell under the hammer. You’ll see him every day of the week and he is serious about helping you hit
bigger numbers very quickly.

John has a stated goal of wanting to increase your income while reducing your stress levels. He achieves this by offering hands on coaching and mentoring and makes unprecedented amounts of sales support systems available to his sales people.

One of the biggest things you’ll realise on joining Custom is what you see is what you get. There are no smoke screens, unfulfilled promises or bullshit.

We treat our agents as customers of our business. Your voice will be heard and valued.

So, what is it that you actually get when you come to Custom?

  • A younger more innovative business that seriously cares about your future.

  • A business owner who knows exactly what it takes to be a successful salesperson in modern day real estate. He’s an author of a popular Real Estate training book and was earning $400,000 a year by his 3rd year in the industry. You will learn plenty.

  • A fun, positive, team environment where no idea is a bad one.

  • Innovative brand and property marketing: we don’t do beige so, if you want to stand out, you will with Custom.

  • Massive YouTube and social media opportunities. (If you want to be involved. If not, that’s ok too).

  • An ongoing focus on support, training and mentoring.

  • A fresh brand with momentum. The market was crying out for this.

  • An in-house team that gets things done with a smile.

  • You’ll probably find that your clients say: “I can’t understand why you didn’t move sooner.”

  • Flexibility. On most items and initiatives, you can opt in, or opt out. We don’t mind.

  • We’ve got ideas and strategies that have obvious benefits and cut through for salespeople who work with us.

  • This is not another corporate. You can really be part of the growth here. It will be hard work but plenty of fun.

If you’re serious about doing bigger numbers in a more positive environment, contact us for a chat. Please feel free to contact John Wills.