When it comes to buying, selling or renting your property, the team at Custom Residential make the next step easy, just call us on +64 9 360 4860


"We aim to maximise rental returns, remove the hassle and achieve the highest occupancy rates possible"


Custom Residential offer a full property management service.

The biggest feedback we receive is I only hear from my property manager, when something goes wrong. We are here to break that mould.

In true Custom Residential style, our property manager Louise Tremabth aims to do a far better job for a smaller number of clients. What does this mean?

We take time and care to select the very best tenant for your property. Our aim is to absolutely maximise the rental return you achieve on your property. It's our job to take away all the hassle and achieve the highest occupancy rates possible.

Our low volume/high care approach means that we are in the best position to watch over your property throughout its tenancy period. Custom Residential has a huge knowledge base in both sales and rentals and we are able to provide the best quality advice to make your next step easy.

If you would like to transfer your property over to Custom Residential, we make it very easy for you. Contact Louise on 021 473 073 and she will take care of everything for you, inform your current landlord and keep you in the loop at every step of the way.

We'll forward the termination letter, organise the transfer of documents, keys and tenancy information and ensure that your rent payments are re-arranged.

Why suffer the stress any longer when we can solve all the problems for you?